One Down

In my search to reduce the amount of plastic I bring into my home, I have been experimenting doing without produce bags when I shop for groceries. You know the thin bags that are generously dispensed from the big rolls that pepper the produce department? Those. Since I remembered to bring them today, I asked the woman at the Deli counter to place the cheese she had just cut for me into one of these bags instead of a plastic one. Success! Depending on the store you never know what response you will get when making special requests. A small change like this can really add up to a larger positive impact to the amount of disposable plastic we consume. I can’t imagine how much more effective it would be if food manufactures adopted practices that led to less waste in energy and resources and allowed consumers the ability to buy food with less packaging.

Update: I have gone fully plant-based since doing this post. No more cheese for me! The lesson is still true. Simply asking to do without unnecessary plastic can go along way.

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