Although there are few retail shops fully dedicated to a zero waste experience, there are stores in Central Florida where you can find items to accommodate your green, sustainable practices. Here is a quick list of the available options.

Bulk Nation

You can buy a variety of food items including tea, legumes, nuts, etc. by weight. You can also bring your own container to be tared then filled. They have several locations in Central Florida and are growing in this area quite rapidly.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods offers a variety of conventional and organic produce along with many other eco-friendly home products. There is also a section of bulk bins where you can buy dry goods by weight. Unfortunately, last time I checked Whole Foods does not allow you to bring your own containers to refill from the bulk bins.

Hoover’s Market

It’s an independently owned health food store and carries a variety of organic groceries, organic produce, beauty and health products, and vitamins among other things. There is a natural cafe and juice bar inside, and a bulk bin section with dry goods.


Aldi is a discount supermarket chain based in Germany that is growing rapidly in the US. Their business model allows them to save money in staffing and overhead. For example, because of their small size (and smaller carbon footprint) they carry a lot less items in their stores compared to other stores. The fact that there are no bags or baggers means that no singly-use plastic bags are provided and you have to carry your own groceries to the car. Although Aldi’s selection changes all the time, they seem to keep a steady supply of lower cost organic produce in their stores.

Bodegas and Ethnic Markets

There are various bodegas and markets in every neighborhood, check them out for supplies on tea, dry goods, produce, and hard to find ingredients.

Publix Super Market

Not a zero waste dream as many foods, even much of the produce, comes packaged. At the same time, because of its prolific presence in Florida, convenience is a great advantage. You can still find some items like breads, some dry goods and some organic produce and products. Overall, the experience in this supermarket may depend on your location as selections can vary from one location to another.