Less is Less, More is More

Less is less, more is more – but sometimes less is more. I was pondering this concept as I considered the sheer number of ads and posts touting “sustainability” and “zero waste” that I have been inundated with recently, in the last year or so.  Although it is a good sign that more people are

Let’s Kick the Plastic Bag Habit!

This week, various news outlets have been reporting the story of a small pilot whale found dying on the shores of a beach in Thailand. Rescuers tried to help but the whale died shortly after vomiting several plastic bags. Further investigation found over 17 pounds of plastic and more than 80 plastic bags in the whale’s

Almond Milk Goodness

For a long time I had been curious about making my own nut milk at home. I finally caved in to peer pressure when a friend shared how she made hers and I have been thoroughly converted ever since. Begin with a ratio of 1 cup of almonds to 3 cups of water then adjust

More Plant-Based Meals Could Save Us and the Planet

Any reputable resource will tell you that the way we are eating is destroying the planet…and us! At the same time, the solution is just as astounding because of its simplicity: Eating more plant-based meals as part of our diet could greatly reduce the environmental and health problems we are experiencing. There are a number

Zerowaste Gatherings

Fall is the season for enjoying the cooler weather and gearing up for a season of entertaining. With the holidays only a few short weeks away, I wanted to share some tips for entertaining without producing a huge amount of waste. Here are some options to consider when you plan your next holiday party. Tablecloth

Upcoming Sessions: Healthy Home

We often think about detoxifying our bodies, but how often do we think about detoxifying our homes? Did you know that we are constantly exposed to hundreds of toxins and chemicals that can affect our nervous, endocrine, and respiratory system? The Cleveland clinic compiled some of the chemicals found in products with which we routinely

One Down

In my search to reduce the amount of plastic I bring into my home, I have been experimenting doing without produce bags when I shop for groceries. You know the thin bags that are generously dispensed from the big rolls that pepper the produce department? Those. Since I remembered to bring them today, I asked the woman

Cultivate the Habit of Speaking Well of Others

Words are powerful. Throughout history they have built and torn down kingdoms, nations, organizations, communities, families, and relationships. If we realized the power of our words, it might impress a greater desire to be judicious in what we think and speak. Now and then I catch a glimpse of this, although from day to day